To celebrate this gorgeous new colour arriving at end of this month, we are hosting a giveaway! To enter the competition to win a large Pia Wallen Cross blanket in Camel, just write a Story North wish list in the comment field of this post. Five of your most wanted items!

This giveaway closes on 30 May 2016. Good luck lovely people :)



So finally after weeks of design work and adjustment our new site is live! We wanted a more interactive website with lots going on - not to mention a new e-commerce platform - the old one had too many limitations. Hop over and take a look :)



A dreamy workspace I spotted over on Mia Linnmans blog.  The black and glass cabinet is just gorgeous. What wonderful inspiration, thank you Mia.

Styling: Katrin Bååth
Photography: Sara Landstedt



These look too delicious. Seriously, I need to make these at the weekend for a treat (Ha ha, if I'm good enough in the week).

Images and Recipe: Here with thanks.



It's that time of year again. Everything starts to feel new and fresh. the windows are open, the cool breeze is running through the house. I love it, it motivates me and definitely gives me a spring in my step.

Images: Via, with thanks.

Converted 70's Bungalow in Belgium


So I can totally see myself embarking on a project like this. We are house hunting at the moment and it's a real toss up between a period property near to town (always been a bit of a dream) or an old 70's bungalow with lots of grounds - with which we would undoubtably do something like this.  We will surely know as soon as we walk into it. It will just feel like home.

I have been absent lately. Felix bear and I have been sick (again) with chest infections, colds etc, etc. We seriously couldn't have a healthier lifestyle, we eat really well, live near the beach, I have a great work/life balance, but I can't seem to stop these bugs! Seriously it's insane. Come on sunshine,  come out to play and warm us all up already. Burn these bugs away!

P.S. Don't forget to enter my current giveaway on this post.

Images: Via Est, with thanks.



Firstly I want to welcome my brand new sponsor - Ivy Cabin! They have an amazing collection and I for one would be hard pushed to pick what to buy. The prize is a £50 to spend in their shop. To enter the giveaway. Please hop over and pick your top three items and leave your answer on this post.  Please also like their Facebook page to enter.  I will pick a winner at random in a couple of weeks soon :)

Heather Sebastian, you are the winner. I will email you :)



Images: Via, with thanks.



Are you ready for an overdose of gorgeousness? Seriously, I could order everything on this beautifully curated web-shop for little ones and lucky me, they are my newest sponsor ;) 

Hop over to take a look, you won't want to leave... They also have a very cute blog and their Facebook page is here.

Images: Ooh Noo with thanks.


These earthy colours are so nice. Their new campaign illustrates beautifully how String shelves can fit anywhere. I agree - I have some - they are now in my kitchen, but who knows where they will be in a few months..... I just love them.

Images: String with thanks.



I've just been over on long time favourite web-shop Vuela. They are one of my lovely sponsors and oh my.... there are some gorgeous new things over there.  Seriously gorgeous (and I'm not just saying that because they're my sponsor!). Hop over to take a look.Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6



Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


What an elegant space. This apartment was created by Italian architects Quincoces Drago & Partners.  ....and just look at the view.

Photography: Alberto Strada



Wintery still life by Mary Jo Hoffman of Still Blog.  Needless to say - I love her work.

How's the weather where you are? Wintery? Wet? We have some crazy weather today - stormy and rainy - I can hear the waves crashing here in my office *Cosy days*



 A nice treat for you this lovely Monday afternoon! What an inspirational space. Gorgeous high ceilings, huge windows, vintage furniture and I just love the leaning art work.  I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a lovely time - I spent it in Haarlem with my love, catching up with friends and drinking coffee....It was just great.

Images: Birgitta Wolfgang Dreyer, Sisters Agency, via Bo Bedre with thanks



Gorgeous friends of mine Tim and Tómas have just renovated their stunning old house situated in Akureyri (north of Iceland). They have truly worked some magic in this place - and I for one, cannot wait to go and stay there. They've mastered the delicate balance of keeping things traditional and cosy whilst finishing in a modern, minimalistic style. 

Akureyri is a beautiful city - it is known as "the capital of the north" and it is surrounded by amazing  nature. They are taking bookings now, so if you have a trip to Iceland planned this year (so many people are visiting right now) - you must include this little gem on your itinerary. 

Images: Landleit with thanks.


My good friend Mel snapped this of my baby bear the other day.  His eyes look so dark in this picture....Life is great at the moment (apart from a bout of cold that we've all had - for about a month).  The work/mamma balance is working out really well. I feel like I've found my flow and I finally feel satisfied that I'm putting enough into both.  Felix is changing so much and becoming a really funny, adorable, kind little boy. He's full of energy and definitely has his daddy's cheekiness - seriously he makes my heart melt every day. I really do feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 



Some new characters have joined our collection at Story North.  Toto the Totem Toy is designed by Rock and Pebble and each has been handmade from solid maple in the US. Don't you just love?

You can see more here



I love this raw, minimal design by architects Georg Nickish and Selina Walder and *sigh* the view from that bath is something else.  Could I live something so stark? Yep I think maybe I could....

Images: Via here and here with thanks.


The latest addition to our home. The Mariposa butterfly chair is handcrafted with Argentinian leather by Cuero Design in Sweden. We went for the natural leather and black legs as shown here.
Image: Cuero Design, with thanks. 



Some light filled interiors for you this morning. I lean towards more contrast in my interiors these days, but actually you really cannot go wrong with interiors swathed in this much light. Happy Friday lovely people!
Images: 1 | 2 | 3 



Wow it's here. 2016. It's just unbelievable, how time passes.  So Happy New Year lovely readers! Did you have a good holiday break? Mine was just lovely. Lots of family and friend time - just perfect :)

I'm not going to write a long list of new years resolutions, because throughout the year I'm always trying to improve, be more efficient, get fitter, perfect everything a little more! The list goes on.....  But one of my aims is to post more often. My blog takes a hit when I have lots going on (evident in this past advent giveaway). Now is one of those times as the shop is really busy and I am working on a couple of interior projects. It's all good and I am very lucky, but my blog is such a major part of my personal and professional life, that I have to give it some love! So lovely people, thanks for sticking by whilst the posting has been sparse. I endeavour to serve you better!



I'm so sorry that this advent giveaway has been so sporadic and absent. Felix Bear has been unwell and it's been a bit of a struggle balancing everything and being able to post! Anyway, I'm sure you will be so happy with this giveaway - which I will leave open for a few days! My lovely sponsor I Dream Elephants is offering this very cute storage bag from TELLKIDDO. To enter, please hop over to the store and tell me your three favourite items - from anywhere on the store - that won't be easy everything is pretty much gorgeous!  Please leave your comment on this post. Thank you and good luck!



Day 1 of my advent giveaway. I'm am offering something from my own store Story North. A gorgeous neon pink elf that would love to come and spend christmas with you!

To enter, please comment on this post and tell me where your elf would live.  Entrants welcome from everywhere :)



I absolutely adore this paining by Mia Linnman. It just feels so alive.

Happy Friday lovely people!

Image: The Frisky One, by Mia Linnman

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